18 Blended Learning Pinterest Boards You Need to Follow

Posted by Zack Blois on Mar 6, 2014 10:45:00 AM
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If there is one social media platform that seems specifically-tailored to educators, it has to be Pinterest! With a simple click of the "Pin it" button, educators can digitally share amazing resources, lesson plans, and activities in seconds.

Blended Leanring Pinterest ResourcesIn fact, the emergence of educational technology and the popularity of Pinterest has created a library of awesome resources for any blended learning enthusiast. Where better to find great online and offline activities to add to your blended instruction efforts than on a "virtual bulletin board"?

With that in mind, I wanted to share a list of my favorite EdTech-focused Pinterest boards. Fair warning, once you read below the break, you may find yourself pinning for hours!

The Top Blended Learning Pinterest Boards

I separated the 18 blended learning resource boards into three subsections (Blended/Hybrid Learning, The Flipped Classroom, and Technology in the Classroom) to help you find which boards interest you most. Enjoy!

Blended Learning Resources

Flipped classroom board image

Tech in the Classroom resources

More blended learning resources from the Wowzers Team

I hope you had fun perusing these 18 Pinterest boards. If you're like us, you'll be hard-pressed to not find at least one or two valuable resources!

The Wowzers Team is full of pinners too, and with all of this Pinterest fun, we'd be remiss not to provide a link to the Wowzers Math boards. Also, be sure to check out the "Blended Learning" section of the Wowzers Blog for more educational technology tips, best practices, and resources!

As always, we invite you to post your favorite boards, questions, and/or comments on our Facebook page or tweet us at @Wowzers.

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