2 Million Students Complete Smarter Balanced Field Test

Posted by Andrew Howard on Apr 25, 2014 8:47:00 AM
Andrew Howard

smarter balanced common coreMore that 2 million students completed the Smarter Balanced Assessment this week. The SBAC Field Test launched on March 25th, and allows teachers and students to gain experience with online assessments. According to the director of the SBAC, one of the goals of the practice runs was to uncover challenges before the assessments are implemented in spring 2015. Accordingly, the consortium has identified technology and administrative issues during the Field Test that will be used to improve the delivery of the assessments before the Spring of 2015.

The SBAC Field Test is an enormous undertaking: during the 12 weeks testing window this spring more students will participate in the Field Test than any other online assessments.

Accessibility for All

Another main goal of the Field Test was to demonstrate how Smarter Balanced assessments will provide accessibility to all students. Three-tiered Usability, Accessibility, and Accommodations Guidelines include universal tools (available to all students), designated supports (for use by any student as indicated by a knowledgeable educator), and accommodations (available to students for whom there is a documented need). Below are some valuable links that showcase these accessibility features:

Who Took the Test?

Field Testing worked different in each state. In some states a small sample of students took the test - somewhere around 10% of the student population. In other states the Field Test was administered more broadly, including California, Connecticut, Idaho, Montana, and South Dakota, where all or nearly all students in the tested grades are participating in the Field Test.

Did your students take the SBAC Field Test? If so, let us know what you learned. Did students understand how to take the tests online? Did they understand the new vocabulary, like ‘drag and drop’? Was the 8-9 hours of testing too much? Send us a tweet (@wowzers) or a Facebook message (facebook.com/wowzers) and let us know.

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