3 Real-life Blended Learning Implementation Success Stories

Posted by Zack Blois on Oct 1, 2013 4:00:00 PM
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blended learning successIf you follow our blog, you know we are big advocates of blended learning and you've probably read your fair share of implementation tips and best practice information within the posts.

Today, I wanted to switch things up a bit and tell you about real-life achievement in schools across the United States. Below are three blended learning success stories that showcase the actual value of introducing a blend of online and offline learning in the classroom.

Raising the "Grade" in Baltimore

Earlier this year, Baltimore, MD high school junior Justin Pratt was struggling in school. He found the lessons irrelevant and boring, so he would often skip school to avoid the classes all together.

Not long after joining a blended learning program at his school, the Nexus Academy of Lansing, Justin began earning higher grades, stating, "I’m getting As and Bs now and even come to school when I don't have to, which never would have happened where I was before." He also admits that the personalized design of the program makes him feel like he is always included in his own learning. 

Learn more about Justin and the blended learning environment at Nexus Academy of Lansing in this story from Connections Academy.

Striving to "Sieze the Day" in Arizona

From 2010 to 2012, the Carpe Diem Collegiate High School and Middle School in Yuma, Arizona saw their test percentile scores drop from 89 to 70 in math and from 84 to 53 in writing. Much of the slide was attributed to oversized classes. The school implemented a blended learning model in efforts to provide more one-on-one learning in the large-size classrooms.

Now nine teachers are able to effectively educate over 220 students with little problem. Despite moving to four day school weeks, the majority of students at Carpe Diem are either learning at grade level or above. Read more about the amazing results seen at Carpe Dium Collegiate High School and their influence on other schools seeking to blend learning in this piece from the Deseret News in Utah.

"Opening" the avenues for success in Ohio

The Nexus Academy Preparatory School in Cleveland, Ohio recently reported a hundred percent graduation rate. Though class size is small compared to the national average, the school is proud of the progress of their seniors. They attributed this success to their "open environment" blended learning model, which helps the educators reach students who felt disconnected with "brick and mortar schools".

This high school campus differs from your typical 9-12th grade building, including a push for healthy computer learning via laptop stands and stationary bikes and the availablity of non-traditional elective courses like web design. The school is starting small but is very proud of the great strides made by the students. Check out more info about the innovative methods of Nexus Academy Preparatory School in this article from WOIO in Cleveland, OH.

Tell us about your Blended Learning Success Stories

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