4 Valuable Common Core Math Resources Every Educator Should Bookmark

Posted by Ryan Hack on Dec 12, 2013 2:15:00 PM

Common_Core_Math_ResourcesThere's a good chance that, as a math teacher, the process of preparing your students for both the new Common Core math standards and the subsequent online math assessments has already begun.

If that's the case, you're also most likely seeking information on updated approaches to math instruction methods, activities, and structures.

Now, don't worry if I just described you to a tee. There are tons of great CCSS math resources readily available on the web where you can share lesson plans, conversations, and support with your fellow educators! 

Read below the break to learn about four of our favorite outside-the-box Common Core math resources, links, and discussion boards.

1. "Common Core Math Resources" Facebook Page

"Facebook" and "Common Core math resources" coming together? You better believe it! The "Common Core Math Resources" Facebook page posts a variety of awesome visual content: whether it be funny teaching-related GIFs and memes, links to thought-provoking articles, or just great math-centric teaching apps and lesson plan resources.

This "must-like" Facebook page also serves as a networking hub for math educators nationwide, where you can go to have open discussions and sharing sessions about Common Core math activities with your fellow "mathphiles".

2. Teachers Pay Teachers 

Teachers Pay Teachers describes itself as an "open marketplace for educators." And, if I had to guess, you have probably delved onto the site at least once before. This popular lesson plan site serves as a great vessel for fellow teachers to share resources and be recognized (both monetarily and verbally) for the awesome lessons they design on a day-to-day basis.

In relation to your CCSS math lesson plans, simply searching for "common core math" turns up over 46,000 results. You can also narrow this search by subject, grade, etc. Additionally, the site also has a "free" section for eager math educators on a tight budget!

3. Common Core Math Resources from Share My Lesson

Share My Lesson's "Common Core Math Resources" section offers educators access to all sorts of math lesson resources, neatly organized by grade and standard cluster. That may sound a lot like the Teachers Pay Teachers link, but there is one main difference: the resources on Share My Lesson are all free. You can't complain about that!

Additionally, Share My Lesson makes it easy for educators to sign up and upload their own teaching materials. There are plenty of Common Core math activities to be found here, and the site also features a discussion forum where you can trade ideas and conversation directly with follow teachers and peers.

4. "Common Core Math Activities" Pinterest Board

Who knew that Pinterest would immediately become such an amazing resource for math teachers? On "Pinner" Judith Conforti's "Common Core Math Activities" board, you will find an array of multi-modal activities and resources: images, videos, Powerpoint slidesand more.

To say that Pinterest is a great overall resource for educators would be a massive understatement. If you have your own Pinterest account, you can pin the educational content you like to your own board and then save your newly-found activities for later. The visual elements combined with the legitimately great content make it a must-have tool in the repetoir of any twenty-first century teacher.

Tell us about your favorite Common Core math online resources!

As you probably know, Wowzers provides classrooms all across the country instant access to engaging online CCSS-based math activities, lessons, and assessments, but we also wanted to recognize other great resources that can help you diversify your lesson plans -- especially if you are seeking to develop an effective blended learning math classroom.

With that in mind, we'd love for you to tell us about your favorite online sites for fun and effective CCSS math resources.

Shoot us your links, stories, questions, and comments on our Facebook page or Tweet them to us at @Wowzers!

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