6 Blended Learning Blogs Every Educator Should Read

Posted by Zack Blois on Nov 26, 2013 2:10:00 PM
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blended_learning_blogsThe combination of online and offline learning both piques students' interests and engagement levels and provides you (the educator) the ability to introduce your students to a vast world of instruction and learning resources previously deemed impossible in the traditional classroom.

But, we're not the only ones who believe blended learning is a welcome addition to today's classroom. Read below the break to learn about six excellent blended learning blogs we look to everyday for ideas, tips, and inspiration!

1) Edutopia

If anyone knows technology in education, it would be George Lucas' Edutopia, right?

All kidding aside, the Edutopia blended learning blog section offers excellent insight into all aspects of online and offline learning experiences. The great thing is their pieces are often written by esteemed educators who have real experience with blended learning models in the classroom.

2) Blend My Learning

Wow, this list started out pretty strong, but our next blog is up to the challenge! Blend My Learning is an amazing blog community in which educators from across the country share their blending learning strategies and stories.

Whether you're looking for implementation tips, first-hand stories, or just basic info about blended learning, Blend My learning has you covered. It is one of our favorite places to exchange ideas and learn more about new online/offline instruction methodology.

3) Getting Smart

Headed up by Tom and Karen Vander Ark, Getting Smart is vested in spreading the love of digital learning. And, what could be a better real-life representation of digital learning resources than an effective blended learning environment?

The folks at Getting Smart recognize the value of blended learning in today's classroom and maintain a robust set of online resources (including the blog, reports, white papers, etc.) that are helpful to all blended learning practitioners.

4) BlendedLearningNow

Simply put, BlendedLearningNow strives to make valuable blended learning information easily accessible in one useful place. Or as they say it, the blog is "an aggregator of the leading blogs, news, research, case studies and videos about blended learning".

The recent resources cascade in a plethora of recently-published online learning gems pulled from all over the Internet. If you don't like searching all over a site map, this is the resource for you! Additionally, BlendedLearningNow is a great site to use when researching topics that cover the spectrum of blended learning because it contains useful info for all stakeholders. 

5) Edudemic

What's not to love about Edudemic? If you've done any EdTech reading on the web in the past few years, you've probably set foot on the site at least once. And with a tagline like, "Connection Education & Technology", you can rest assured that Edudemic puts blended learning topics front and center!

This vast blog provides blended learning practitioners with a comprehensive repository of the wide array of EdTech tools/resources that are currently available. In more-fun terms, Edudemic has awesome blog posts that are both highly informative and easily digestable, regardless of your background or experience with blended learning models.

Reader beware: Edudemic is beyond robust. Once you start reading a post, you may be jumping around and reading for quite a while.

6) MindShift KQED

Last but not least, we have the excellent MindShift KQED blog. One of my personal favorites, MindShift does an excellent job of presenting an objective view of the ever-increasing relationship between technology and the classroom.

The MindShift blog post authors often look beyond the surface of the twenty-first century classroom, analyzing the psychology, social aspects, and possible outcomes of an increase in blended learning environments in the classroom.

Tell us about your favorite blended learning blogs!

In no way is this list of six blogs and publications comprehensive. That's where you guys come in. Tell us about some of your favorite blended learning blog posts and resources via our social media channels!

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