7 Ways Mobile Learning Technology Enhances Personalized Learning

Posted by Zack Blois on Nov 6, 2013 4:52:10 PM
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IMG_0574It's no secret that mobile learning technology is revolutionizing the education world. For the first time ever, students (and educators) have a tool with which they can receive real-time, individualized content that is fun, engaging, and more importantly effective!

Below is a list of ten awesome Personalized Learning advantages provided by mobile learning:

Mobile learning...

1) Offers educators amazing differentiated instruction possibilities

Simply put, there's a reason differentiation is number one on this list. If each student is on a device and that device is using the right app, each child is automatically learning at their own pace and filling learning gaps.

For more on the process of digital differentiation, check out this amazing "Digital Differentiation Model" developed by Susan Oxnevad of Cool Tools for the 21st Century Learners.

2) Fosters large numbers of student engagement

By each student having their own device to use, they are automatically making better use of their class time and constantly making progress. Compare that with whole group instruction, where efficient usage of instruction time might be significantly lower because of constrained resources and time.

In line with our second reason, Professor Phillip Uys of Charles Sturt University in Melbourne, Australia published a great Slideshare detailing the value of engagement provided via mobile learning. Be sure to give it a look.

3) More efficient use of technology resources

In the traditional computer lab setting, only one class at a time was allowed to use centralized technology resources within a school. Sometimes it would even go unused. Now, every student can be connected and make use of the amazing educational technology the 21st century has to offer.

In fact, these great EdTech tools are available inside and outside of the classroom! "The Flipped Mobile Classroom: Learning 'Upside Down'" is great blog post from Edutopia detailing how a mobile flipped classroom can optimize student learning and instruction resources nearly anywhere.

4) Provides students avenue to learn via their own style

Some kids learn best in cooperative settings. Others are more comfortable learning independently. Maybe they need to hear something multiple times. Maybe they just need to read it once. Mobile devices facilitate a vast variety of learning styles via engaging and robust methods.

Take a look at the amazing transformation the Katy Independent School District in Katy, TX experienced after giving students a change to learn "their way" via mobile learning technology via this great YouTube video from Cisco.

5) Creates more opportunities for experiential learning

Recent changes in state learning standards (specifically the Common Core State Standards) ask teachers to provide more interactive learning experiences for our students. Technology provides the most experiential learning environments available short of taking the kids on a topic-specific field trip every day. Kids can experience new and valuable information, visuals, and virtual walkthroughs that ten years before were not even on the radar screen.

Speaking of "field trips", check out this list of "Ten of the best virtual field trips" from eSchool News. Imagine your each student using a mobile device to experience the Louvre or a Hershey's Chocolate Factory in a visual, auditory, and kinesthetic function. That's pretty cool stuff!

6) Brings Personalize Abilivies to Project-based learning

Similar to experiential learning, mobile programs provide great advantages to project-based learning (PBL) activities. A key component of PBL is the ability for students to work together towards a common goal at their own pace. Via mobile learning devices and technology, students can do just that, having a plethora of information and collaboration-based tools at their fingertips.

Seeking methods and tools your students can use to enhance project-based learning? Be sure to take a look at this great list of Project-based Learning resources from Digital Learning Day.

7) Adds Value to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policies

First off, what could be more personalized than the term, "your own"?

It's not breaking news to hear that kids are constantly using tablets, smartphones, and netbooks. Schools and districts across the country have found that instead of punishing students for breaking out their iPhone in class, they can leverage them into amazing harbingers of personalized learning opportunities.

By bringing, and using, their own devices, students can learn via devices they are already familiar with, while also helping the school/district to maximize the usage of their own technology. Everyone wins; students have heightened engagement and progress, schools can focus tech resources on content, professional development, and infrastructure.

Watch this YouTube video from Fairfax County Public Schools in Virginia to see how the Carson Middle School BYOD policy has produced amazing dividends for student engagement and learning!

Tell us about your experiences with mobile learning!

We'd love for you to write reason #8, 9, 10, etc.! What are some of your success stories or misgivings when it comes to students using mobile technology to enhance personalized learning?

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