The Next Step in Gamifying Learning

How Peer Pressure Affects Learning

Wowzers Now Available for Parents to Purchase

Tips on Securing Funding for New Technology

Surge in Innovation with ESSA

Is Math Still an Important Skill to Learn?

Teacher Feature: Rita Minster

Challenges in Incorporating Educational Technology in the Classroom

How to Prevent the Summer Slide

Tips for De-stressing Students

Teacher Feature: Cory Davis

The Power of Games in Education

Education Trends for 2017

Teacher Feature: Nancy Lee

How to Choose the Right Test Prep Program

How Does the Every Student Succeed Act (ESSA) Affect Schools?

Solutions for Overwhelmed Principals

Creating More Effective Professional Development

Solutions for Overwhelmed Teachers

Blending Learning Environments Help Engage Different Types of Learners in the Classroom

How Blended Learning Programs That Include Test Prep Help Students Get Ready for "High-Stakes Testing"

How Blended Learning Programs Build Self-Esteem

Why You Should Use Blended Learning in Your Math Classroom

Blended Learning: The NEW Normal in 2017

Wowzers Teacher Feature Blog

Updated study shows Wowzers gets results

The Science of Learning

The "Smart" Connection Between Personalized Learning and Educational Technology

Educational Big Data's Emerging Effect on Personalized Student Learning

Wowzers Teacher Feature Blog

5 Key Elements of a Personalized Learning Evironment

Wowzers is aligned with NWEA, The Northwest Evaluation Association’s Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)

Wowzers and Webb's Depth of Knowledge

Wowzers -Wowzers Embeds the Five Standards of Math Proficiency into the Wowzers Online Math Program

Wowzers - Scientific-Based Approach to Learning in a Digital World

Wowzers Encompasses The Universal Design for Learning!

Welcome to the 16/17 School Year!

Standards for Mathematics

Personalized Learning

The Educator's Guide to the "Blended Learning Lesson Plan"

Inside a Classroom Implementing RTI

4 Response to Intervention (RTI) Strategies for the Math Classroom

Where Can I Find Smarter Balanced Practice Tests and Sample Items?

4 Essential Points for Your School's Smarter Balanced Assessments Checklist

Free E-Book: Are Your Devices SBAC-Compliant?

Free Resource: "Strengthening SBAC Skills: 10 Key Online Testing Terms"

What Devices Can Students Use to Take the Smarter Balanced Assessment?

What is the Big Difference Between PARCC and Smarter Balanced?

Answering the Question: "What are the Smarter Balanced Online Math Assessments?"

RTI Strategy: 5 Tips for an Effective Tiered Instruction Model

Why a RTI Model may be a Perfect Fit for your CCSS Math Curriculum

4 Helpful Tips and Strategies For All Tiered Instruction Educators

The Ultimate Guide to Blended Learning Models

Multi-Tiered System of Supports: Is it Just Another RTI Model or Something Different?

Don't Forget the Student Perspective of Your Response to Intervention (RTI) Model

RTI Models: How to Leverage Student Data to Meet Learning Needs

3 Proven Response to Intervention (RTI) Models for Your Math Classroom

Where Can I Find PARCC Math Assessment Sample Items and Examples?

What Devices Can My Students Use to Take the PARCC Online Assessments?

Wowzers Available on Learnpads

Free RTI Planning Guide

4 Common Core Mathematical Practice Integration Tips for Your Lessons

5 Steps Toward Finding the Best iPad Math App for Your Classroom

5 Reasons The Student Progress Data You Collect Must Be Actionable

2 Million Students Complete Smarter Balanced Field Test

What Role Does Mobile Learning Play in the Flipped Classroom?

Free E-Book: Are Your Devices PARCC-Compliant?

Wowzers Releases Independent Evaluations

7 Promising Blended Learning Stats to Share with Your Administrators

Your School's Mobile Learning Infrastructure Checklist

PARCC Accommodations SWD & ELLs - Final Version Released

4 Tips for Educators New to the Blended Learning Classroom

Actionable Reporting to Real-time Student Progress in 5 Key Steps

New Report Finds Digital Learning Policy Progress in Many States

The PARCC Field Test: What Do Educators Need to Know?

18 Blended Learning Pinterest Boards You Need to Follow

Optimize Your Classroom's Blended Learning Model with Our New eBook

A Quick Guide to the Upcoming PARCC Field Test

How to Promote College and Career Readiness Through Online Math Learning

Help Students Practice PARCC Testing Vocabulary with the Latest Wowzers eBook

5 Key Steps Toward Finding the Best iPad Math App for Your Classroom

PARCC Releases ELA and Math Sample Items for Spring 2014 Field Test

New EdTech Procurement Guide Released by Digital Learning Now

Dispelling the “Impersonal” Myth of Educational Technology

Why You Should Utilize Blended Learning in Your Math Classroom

The Wowzers Audio Update - January 2014

The Anatomy of a Common Core Math Standard

How to Improve Student Collaboration Skills via Online Learning Tools

4 Valuable Common Core Math Resources Every Educator Should Bookmark

Wowzers named a District Administration 2013 Readers' Choice Top 100 Product

The Flipped Classroom Model: What's All the Buzz About?

Common Core Math Lesson Plans: "Big Change" or "No Change"?

5 Key Elements of a Personalized Learning Environment

Which Blended Learning Model is the Best Fit for my Math Classroom?

What does the Phrase "Common Core Math" Actually Mean?

What is the Difference Between Individualized Instruction and Personalized Learning?

6 Blended Learning Blogs Every Educator Should Read

5 Online Learning Best Practices for Your Common Core-based Math Curriculum

How to Know the Difference Between Differentiated Instruction and Personalized Learning

A Learning Management System: Is it the Missing Piece to Your Blended Learning Model?

PARCC Online Assessment Field Test Encounters Accommodation Setback

What is the Difference Between the Common Core Math Standards and Your Math Curriculum?

7 Ways a Blended Learning Model Will Transform Your Classroom

How to Create the Ideal Learning Environment in the Common Core Era

7 Ways Mobile Learning Technology Enhances Personalized Learning

What are the First Steps Towards an Effective Blended Learning Model?

Answering the Question: "What are the PARCC Online Math Assessments?"

New Common Core Report Puts Diverse Learner Needs in Focus

The "Smart" Connection Between Personalized Learning and Educational Technology

Blended Learning Models: 4 Recent Advances in the Classroom

Your Common Core Online Assessments Primer (October 2013)

Helping Your Students' Parents Understand the Common Core Math Standards

5 Reasons Blended Learning Will Make You a Better Personalized Teacher

4 Personalized Learning Value Points Provided By Tablets and Netbooks

4 Educational Technology Infrastructure Tips for Blended Learning Educators

Why Blended Learning is Your Common Core Assessment Prep Solution

Schools Tackle Common Core Math Standards with Blended Learning

Free Time Is Live!

Educational Big Data's Emerging Effect on Personalized Student Learning

4 Ways the Online Common Core Assessments will Affect Your Math Lesson Plans

RTI Implementation and Refinement: 4 Tips for School Administrators

5 Ways to Increase Digital Literacy via Blended Learning Models

Common Core Online Assessments Technology Requirements Cheat Sheet

4 Steps to a Successful Response to Intervention (RTI) Implementation

5 Points to Focus on When Creating Common Core Math Lesson Plans

Enhance Personalized Learning by Altering the Classroom Environment

3 Real-life Blended Learning Implementation Success Stories

10 Key Online Common Core Math Assessment Terms and Actions

New Blended Learning Implementation Guide Released Today

4 Student Advantages of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policies

8 Blended Learning Methods that Break From "Traditional Instruction"

Recent PARCC Assessment Updates and News (week of 9/23/13)

How to Optimize Blended Learning in a Non-1:1 Environment

Smarter Balanced Assessments Approve ELL Support Measures

Helping Students Develop Math Understanding Beyond Memorization

10 Influential Blended Learning Twitter Accounts

How to Help Your Students Access Wowzers from Home

Smarter Balanced Expands Online Practice Tests and Resources

Four Blended Learning Principles for New Adopters

Using Depth of Knowledge Levels to Prepare Students for Common Core

New Digital Pamphlet: "Personalized Learning Article Three-pack"

Dutch Schools Make News with iPad-only Instruction Methods

Educational Technology Professionals Share Online Testing Tips (via T.H.E. Journal)

Common Core Assessments Release Calculator Guidelines

New eBooklet: "How to Select the Best Digital Common Core Content"

PBS NewsHour Examines Computer-based Common Core Assessments

Recent Study Indicates Blended Learning Improves Math Test Scores (via Information Week)

New eBooklet: "Finding the Blended Learning model that's Right for Your School"

Smarter Balanced To Release Modifications and Accommodations

Districts Can Apply for New $120 Million Race to the Top Prize

Tips for Integrating iPads in your School (via Edutopia)

California Committed to Helping Schools Prepare for Smarter Balanced Assessments (via EdSource)

Connecting Curiosity to College and Career Readiness in Math

How to Help Students Master the Common Core Digital Math Assessments

Breaking Down the 'Gaming in Education' Buzz (via Leadership 360)

Math Teachers Find More Rigor in CCSS Math Standards (via Education Week)

Large Charter Network Returns EdTech Control to Teachers (via edSurge)

Using the Common Core Digital Assessments as Teaching Tools

PARCC States Remain Strong, Prepare for Testing

Does Game-based Learning Promote Social Good? (via Edutopia)

Chromebooks Gain Popularity in Schools, but Still Look Up at iPads (via Forbes)

Can Gaming and Game-based Learning Eliminate Gender Gap in Math? (via MindShift)

Turning 'Facepalms' into Constant Learning Improvement

Game-based Learning with your Kids Enhances Social Skills (via Huffington Post)

Cranking Up the Creative Thinking in Math (via Education Week)

5 Important Steps to Mobile Learning Success (from eSchool News)

Helping Schools Level the EdTech Playing Field

Striving to Meet the Learning Needs of Each and Every Student

Preparing for the Common Core Digital Assessments

Chronicling the 'Rise' of Blended Learning (via Smithsonian Magazine)

iPads in Education: From 'Crutch' to 'Innovation Driver' (via Edutopia)

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Bridging the Gap Between 'Storytelling' and Game-based Learning

The Benefit of a Customizable Classroom Management System

Four Awesome Game-based Learning Websites and Blogs

Preparing Kids to be College and Career Ready in the 21st Century

Common Core Analysis from the Front Lines

Comparing Today's Educational Technology Push to Past Movements

How Animation and Art Creates an Immersive Learning Experience

A Proven "Recipe" for Engaging Game-based Learning

Balancing the Offline and Online Aspects of Blended Learning

PARCC Assessments Announce Read-aloud Accommodations

Innovative Blended Learning Initiatives Launched in NYC

Educational iPad Tips from an EdTech Advisor

Personalizing Your School's Wowzers Experience

How We turn "wowzScript" into Game-based Learning

7 Steps to a Successful Digital Learning Pilot

A Blended Learning Success Story - Wowzers All-Stars

Creating a New Course of Unity via Disruptive Education

Five Keys to EdTech Professional Development

Know Your Digital Instruction Techniques: Defining the Big Three

Student Feedback is Vital to Game-Based Learning

Personalized Learning From School to Home

Blended Learning and Red Carpets

Blended Learning in Dog Years

Common Core Assessment Debuts Online Practice Tests

The Importance of Teaching Digital Literacy to Students

A 1:1 Educator's First Impressions - Wowzers All-Stars

Curb the 'Summer Learning Slide' with Digital Learning Resources

Four Game-based Learning Trends You Can’t Ignore

Do PARCC and Smarter Balanced truly assess 'deeper understanding'?

'Adaptive Learning' and 'Teacher Autonomy' are not Mutually Exclusive

Dig a Little (from EdTech Digest)

Common Core Assessments Present Test Anxiety Challenges

Encourage College and Career Readiness with Digital Math Instruction

Five Advantages of Cloud-based Instruction Resources

The Common Goal of Raising Digital Natives' Engagement

Blended Learning Environments Enhance ELL/ESL Progress

I Want to Learn When I Want to Learn (Getting Smart Blog)

Smarter Balanced States: Get Ready for Computer-Adaptive Testing

Flipped Classrooms Promote Knowledge 'Production'

Differentiate Your Classroom Instruction with Digital Learning

Skipping Recess to Study More Math? Now, that’s Student Engagement!

Use Digital Content to Help Design your Common Core Lesson Plans

'Thorough Preparation' is Key in Implementing a BYOD Policy

Don’t Wait on your Student’s Success, Improve it With Digital Data!

'Flip' your Classroom with Blended Learning

Instant Instruction: Using Digital Learning to Reach Digital Natives

9 Reasons One-to-One Device Programs are Revolutionizing Education

Common Core Assessments - Bringing Computer-based Testing to America’s Digital Learners!

Difference between “built for” and “repurposed” Common Core programs

"What is adaptive?” – Curriculum writer-editors of Wowzers explain

Distinguishing games that contribute to learning: gamification of learning done right

Talking to teachers at NCTM – it’s not just a game!

How to Assign Students to Activities and More

Guest Post - Engaging Students With Wowzers

How to Update Student Settings and More

How to preview Wowzers content before you assign it

What to do if you hear no sound while using Wowzers

Forgotten Passwords

Walk-Through How To Get Started As A School Administrator

Guest Post - Wowzers, Math is Fun!

Guest Post - Wow, We Love Wowzers!

Letter From A Student

Interview With A Teacher - Ann Francis

Wowzers Wins SIIA CODiE Award for Best K-12 Solution and Best Classroom Management System

Wowzers is a comprehensive online math program covering all Common Core State Standards for grades K-8. The research-based program adapts to each learner and allows for an individualized path through the curriculum. Content is presented in multiple ways, and appeals to tactile, auditory, and visual learners. Assessments mirror those found on high-stakes achievement tests and provide teachers and administrators with the information that they need to personalize learning for each student.

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