Teacher Feature: Katherine Bueler

We are happy to introduce you to one of our Superuser Teachers from Santa Fe, NM, Katherine Bueler. She started her career as a mechanical engineer but changed occupations to become a math & science teacher. She loves math and knew that with a career teaching science and mathematics she could make a difference in the lives of the students in her community.

Katherine earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering, Magna Cum Laude, California State University-Chico in 1983.

She also acquired a teaching license in secondary math & science-bilingual and is currently a Nationally Board Certified Mathematics Instructor in Santa Fe, NM where she has been a science and math teacher for  20+ years. She is very dedicated to making sure that her students understand math and knows that it requires her to personalize learning for her diverse group of students. She has been using the Wowzers personalized math program in her classroom for a few years and recently “connected the dots” with a revelation. “As a child, I attended 12 schools between kindergarten and 12th grade. In 6th grade, we moved to Minnesota and the school said I was at a 3rd-grade math level. All students in the class were on individualized math programs: we’d do a paper lesson, wait two weeks while our bubble sheets were sent to a computer in Iowa for scanning (my first interaction with a computer!), and move on to the next. I went through three years of math that year, and have gotten high-percentage A’s in all math since, including magna cum laude in mechanical engineering. So, my revelation was that one factor in my advocacy for the Wowzers program is that it reminds me of something that worked extremely well for me. “

Katherine has developed routines for her classroom that are set up to best benefit her students using the Wowzers program. She is able to hold students accountable through monitoring student progress on the Wowzers Teacher Dashboard.  Her room is enveloped with quiet concentration and students are on target during Wowzers time. She asked one of her once challenged & unmotivated students, who are seeing growth in his understanding of math concepts, why he used the Wowzers program beyond the required class time. He responded, “ Wowzers is helpful and fun!”. She thought, “that should be the goal for all teachers– provide instruction and materials that are helpful and fun! 

She also says, “I believe in this Wowzers program and I’ve developed a workflow that fits nicely into my grading. In terms of the program itself, there is no other instructive math program that truly teaches & uses effective pedagogy like Wowzers. I’ve waited for a program like this for years!”

Looking for a replacement to TenMarks?

Surprising teachers around the country, Amazon recently announced that their TenMarks learning apps will become unavailable at the end of June 2019. The unexpected announcement has left many teachers wondering how they will fill the gap left by TenMarks’ departure. Fortunately, Wowzers can easily be used in place of the TenMarks math program for grades K-8. Like TenMarks, Wowzers is a customizable standards-based program that can be used as a supplement to any other math program. We provide guides to adjust Wowzers’ curriculum to match other popular textbooks, and the curriculum automatically adapts to focus on each student’s challenges. If your school uses the NWEA MAP Growth assessment, Wowzers can even automatically create a customized curriculum for each student based on their MAP Growth scores.

Just as TenMarks focuses on keeping students engaged and enjoying learning, Wowzers teaches math with colorful visuals, interactive manipulatives, games, instructional videos, and storytelling that links math to the real world. Wowzers will seem familiar to TenMarks students as well. They will still receive immediate feedback, adaptive hints, and 3-5 minute videos when they struggle. They will even continue to earn rewards for completing the curriculum. In Wowzers, students earn coins as they complete activities, which they can then use to decorate their avatar in our virtual mall.

Teachers who make the switch to Wowzers will continue to receive helpful reports about their students’ performance and progress. Easy-to-read at a glance and available in a variety of formats, Wowzers’ reports provide all the information teachers and administrators need to track their students. As one of our customers explains, “I love being able to customize the curriculum for every student or groups of students. Using the reports, I can see very specifically where a student is struggling, and from there I provide remediation or change the student’s pathway to close those gaps.”

To learn more about exactly how Wowzers can replace TenMarks, request a free demo or sign up for a free trial. Our team is dedicated to making this transition as seamless and pain-free as possible.

Teacher Feature: Donna Bolstad

Donna Bolstad, from Medary Elementary School in Brookings School District 05-1 has been teaching for 32 years. She is currently a third-grade teacher who has implemented education technology in her classroom.

Since Ms. Bolstad’s school district uses NWEA as their assessment. She selected the Wowzers Math Program for her students because student NWEA data is synced with the Wowzers standards-based math content and she is able to easily auto-generated personalized learning paths for her students. She says that the individualized prescription from NWEA/Wowzers automatic path generator is precise and helps fill in gaps in her students’ learning. Additionally, she uses the ability to create her own group paths with specific content standards that she is working on in class to “ensure that her students are mastering their enduring set of standards and concepts.”

Ms. Bolstad says that her students love all of the activities in the Wowzers program that keep them engaged and ready to learn. Many students come to school early and work on their Wowzers program in her classroom first thing in the morning. “They know they can just knock on my back door and I let them in to work on Wowzers !” She says, “ the students  know that their assessment and what they work on are connected and that they are motivated by the fun of the program and also by the way they are held accountable.”