Instant Instruction: Using Digital Learning to Reach Digital Natives

Posted by Zack Blois on Feb 1, 2013 4:55:00 PM
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You see it everywhere; kids with their face buried into an iPod, iPad, smartphone, tablet or computer, fingers flailing away at the screen or keys. Clashing a pair of symbols an inch from their ears wouldn’t even get their attention.

Instead of fighting through this disconnect to grab their attention, Wowzers asks, “What if we could get these kids to refocus the attention they show towards Angry Birds or their Facebook page towards something that is interactive and educational

New education strategies across the United States, including the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSS), are answering with a resounding, “Yes, we can and we must.” It’s clear our education system needs a facelift, and at Wowzers, we believe the only way to offer a high-quality education to each and every modern student is to include, and optimize, digital learning.

Digital Learning - Anytime and Any Device

Students born in this century grow up in a world where all they know is digital media. These digital natives require instant audible, kinesthetic, and/or visual educational feedback, just like the instant feedback they receive from videos on YouTube, funny pictures on Tumblr, or points in a video game. We, at Wowzers, embrace this fact and are committed to offering educational interactions and feedback via fun, visually stimulating and adaptive methods geared to develop higher-level critical thinking skills in today’s digital learners.

You may be saying, “Yeah, I’ve heard that before, but digital education just doesn’t help.” However, Wowzers is different than the education software you’re used to. It is designed to be adaptive and individualized, giving the student up-to-date content and control of what, where, when, and how they learn. In a world where every piece of information is at the tip of their fingers, we feel this is the only way to help create high-level critical thinking skills.

Instant Feedback Assessment

Digital learning offers great assessment possibilities as well. When assessments are done digitally, the data and returns are received and implemented much quicker, i.e. instant feedback! Teachers will have more time to implement direct instruction based on the feedback, instead of waiting days, weeks, or even months for results.  

For a more in-depth explanation of our digital learning pedagogy, check out our "Pedagogy behind Wowzers curriculum" video:

Bring the Classroom to the Student!

Finally, imagine a typical classroom. You see a row of desks with kids glued to their seats, right? Digital learning changes this vision too. The advent of Wi-Fi and mobile capabilities allow the student to choose his/her ideal learning environment. We love the fact that digital learners can learn anywhere, and with Wowzers they really can learn anywhere: the library, the corner of the classroom, at home, coffee shops, you name it!

It’s clear education is lagging behind the digital world and behind our generation of digital learners. But, it is far from too late to make a change. Digital learning gives our students the educational “instant feedback” they need to become high-level, critical thinkers. 

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