Skipping Recess to Study More Math? Now, that’s Student Engagement!

Posted by Zack Blois on Feb 15, 2013 10:04:00 AM
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Screen Shot 2013 02 14 at 11.38.06 AMYou read that headline right, kids at Pond Union Elementary in Pond, CA are actually choosing to skip recess to learn more math!

This ‘math-crazy’ group of fourth and fifth grade students is taught by Shannon Zimmerman, one of our guest bloggers, and she notes that learning with Wowzers has excited her students so much that they want to learn all the time.

'Wowed by Wowzers'

This learning phenomenon at Pond Union Elementary has even caused some neighborhood buzz, prompting local ABC affiliate KERO 23ABC News to conduct a feature story interviewing both Zimmerman and her students about the positive effects of learning with Wowzers.

“Engagement is the number one obstacle that we face in education...”

In the story, Zimmerman notes that prior to adopting Wowzers in her classroom, student engagement during math instruction was very low and, in turn, test scores and progress suffered.

But, after bringing in Wowzers’ adaptive, interactive math platform, the class became excited to learn, repeatedly describing their experiences as “fun.” Zimmerman says this newly-found excitement and engagement allows her to better prepare students for the Common Core standards, help raise test scores, and most importantly, improve progress and understanding. That’s music to every teacher’s ear!

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