Differentiate Your Classroom Instruction with Digital Learning

Posted by Zack Blois on Feb 26, 2013 11:56:00 AM
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We all know it is impossible to keep every single student on the exact same learning path. In fact, it’s a disservice to the kids to even try!

The great news is, with the advent of new digital technology, teachers can finally individualize their instruction to adapt to each student’s learning pace, style, and environment. By utilizing new interactive and adaptive digital learning platforms, teachers now have the ability to truly individualize instruction for each kid that walks in the classroom door.

Digital individualization for today's students 

describe the imageWe’ve all tried to vary our lessons to reach every student, jamming manipulatives, auditory and visual learning prompts into an already limited time space. As educators, we know how crazy this can get. But now, digital learning allows teachers to provide interactions and lessons to seamlessly utilize auditory, visual, and kinesthetic instructing styles (even simultaneously) to meet each student’s learning needs.

But how exactly does digital learning technology do this? Well, imagine teaching capacity to 5th graders using water and graduated cylinders for instance. Water is all over the desks or floor, sounds of cylinders bouncing off the ground are ringing through the classroom, and students are too distracted to hear the instruction of the teacher.

Digital learning platforms can eliminate this craziness, giving each student his or her own virtual graduated cylinder that they can fill while listening to audible instruction from the teacher/content and seeing the action right on the screen. Say good-bye to not having enough supplies or to students ‘passively learning.’ Instead, digital learning resources allow each student to learn and progress through the content at their own pace and comfort level (mess free, we promise).

Customizable curriculums and content for teachers

Don’t worry, the digital learning revolution lets educators in on the fun too! By receiving real-time access to every single student’s curriculum path, progress, and pace, teachers for the first time can adapt their instructing methods to each individual student

For example, what if you want to know how a student performed on a pre-test or tryout set? Digital learning and digital content can send this data directly to the teacher at the click of a button. Using this data, the teacher can actually choose the next best step or provide custom curriculum for that student.

Maybe the student needs additional lesson time or remediation materials, maybe the student did well and needs to skip to the practice, or maybe the student just nailed it and needs to be given more advanced content from a higher grade? With digital content and resources, thousands of curriculum manipulations are immediately available to the teachers.

Check out these videos to see digital differentiated instruction in action!

Digitally differentiate to reach every student need!

The advent of digital learning has blown the possibilities of individualized instruction wide open. Adopt digital differentiation to push your student’s learning boundaries, optimize the teacher’s ability to customize and personalize their instruction, and open the avenues of interactive learning for each and every student!

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