Five Advantages of Cloud-based Instruction Resources

Posted by Zack Blois on Mar 28, 2013 10:25:00 AM
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Schools have become subject to the ‘master narratives’ provided by big-business’ traditional textbooks. Sadly, the instruction materials provided by these broad-scoping textbooks often offer little-to-no educational value because of their cumbersome nature, lack of updates, and downright incorrect information.

However, teachers and educators can now break free of the limitations placed on them by traditional textbooks/resources and instead utilize cloud-based digital resources and content to create their own personalized, effective instruction for each and every student!

Cloud-based Learning Advantages

describe the image1) Prepares Students for a Digital Post-K-12 Workplace

The days of keeping records in books, paper files, and directors are coming to an end, whether we like it or not. Cloud-based learning prepares students for the twenty-first century digital workplace and promotes college and career readiness by providing opportunities to develop increasingly-required technology proficiency skills

2) No More Typos, Incorrect Information, and Out-of-date Materials

You can stop waiting years for trivial textbook edition updates. The immediate nature of cloud-based learning insures the resources and materials used in instruction are constantly updated. If the source has a typo or incorrect information, the publisher can simply make the update, and then push the updated version straight to your students (often free of charge.)

3) Resources can be Tailored to Individual Schools/Districts

Broad-reaching textbooks and educational materials are not adaptable to specific student/staff needs. Alternately, cloud-based learning’s instant specialization abilities and real-time updates give schools the opportunity to more-wisely spend their budget dollars on tools/resources that are specifically geared to meet the needs of their own students and staff. 

4) Customizable, Engaging Instruction for ALL Students

I don’t know about you, but “Read pages 31-34 and complete practice problems 1 to 18,” doesn’t quite fit my definition of Individualized Instruction. Cloud-based resources allow teachers to go beyond the traditional textbook’s limited scope via a wide variety of digital instructional resources student adaptive functionalities, and real-time analytical data that open the door to higher engagement and instruction specificity.

5) Affords Students Multiple Modes of Access

Textbooks exclude a large number of learners because they often offer single instructional modalities. Cloud-based learning opens up the ability to engage each and every learner via visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning experiences. Additionally, students can access their learning materials with a simple click of a button, instead of lugging home a heavy book and loose papers.

cloud based learning image6) Saves Cost on Resource Replacement and Management

“Where’s your textbook, Jimmy,” asks the teacher. “Oh, I lost it,” Jimmy replies. - Every year, valuable resources are lost or destroyed, and it’s not cheap to replace them. Cloud-based materials and sources eliminate this problem and allow schools to retire the archaic process of checking-out and checking-in textbooks and other paper-based materials.

Regain Control of Day-to-day Classroom Instruction

The above list only touches on the surface of what cloud-based learning can do for classrooms across the country. The plethora of digital self-driven learning resources and communication tools finally allow educators to break free of the hold traditional textbooks have on instruction and, instead, return to individualized, effective learning!

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