Blended Learning and Red Carpets

Posted by Andrew Howard on May 30, 2013 4:20:00 PM
Andrew Howard

What do individualized learning and red carpets have to do with one another? Below is our version of a 'red carpet.' As you can see it's a little less formal than your average red carpet. No tuxedos or gowns. No limos. No paparazzi, just this measly little snap from my iPhone.

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Did That Guy Win An Award?

That's David, our chief designer. He's not getting a statue, but in the pic he does get to walk down the red carpet and demonstrate some new Wowzers features.

Every month or so Wowzers completes another development cycle. Right now we're completing our middle school content and making our elementary school content more adaptive using student data and some new technology we've developed. 

We think it's important to showcase the stuff we've been working hard on over the month. But it's not all just about patting ourselves on the back. It's about creating stuff as quickly as possible so we can have students and teachers test it. 

Listen to Students and Improve Individualized Learning

When we came together last week for our Red Carpet I was reminded of how important it is that we listen to what our users say. A couple of weeks before this last Red Carpet we started a pilot where students started using some of our new middle school math games. The feedback they gave changed the way we're developing content for this next cycle. We iterated. (And we got to do it on a Red Carpet!)

So What's New

Here are some slides of the features presented in our red carpet. (There are 20 slides and it is set to auto rotate.)

But be sure to check back next month...we may have changed courses by then! 

Got Suggestions?

Post your suggestions for Wowzers features below:


Want so see how the stuff we create at a Red Carpet can be used in a real Blended Learning enviornment? Download this free guide from the experts at Wowzers:


Free Blended Learning Guide!



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