Creating a New Course of Unity via Disruptive Education

Posted by Reed Howard on Jun 18, 2013 10:21:00 AM

disruptive learning technologyThe Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of disrupt is to, ”break apart, to interrupt the normal course of unity.” That is exactly what we, as a nation, need to do with our education system.

We must be disruptive and ignite change. We have to interrupt and change the “normal course of unity” because our unity no longer exists. We need to prepare our students with twenty-first century skills and engage them in the learning process using tools that are relevant to their lives.  

Disrupting education to reach today's students

To maintain our global standing, we must disrupt and change the way we are educating our students. In 2011, the United States ranked 32nd in the world in mathematics and 17th in reading.

Technology has changed the way people live their lives; the way we learn, play, and interact with others. Children are growing up with technology all around them. That same technology must be woven into our education environment.  

We have to be disruptive and interrupt the way that we are teaching our children, moving away from the traditional “sit-and-learn” school settings. Today’s children are engaged via technology outside of school, so coming to school for general “seat time" often times does not peak their interest. To disrupt their learning, we must personalize the learning paths via a blend of effective educational technology resources and strong educator support and scaffolding.

Use technology to enhance Personalized Learning

There are a lot of great things that happen in schools each day that help shape the lives of children. All of those social, emotional, cognitive, physical and reflective systems of learning that happen every day through collaboration, discussion and peer interaction are important. Being disruptive by using technology to personalize learning does not take away from that learning process, it enhances it!  

I encourage all of you to be disruptive in helping to figure out a path to change the face of education in America and, in particular, your own individual learning community.

- Reed Howard, Co-founder and CEO of Wowzers

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