California Committed to Helping Schools Prepare for Smarter Balanced Assessments (via EdSource)

Posted by Zack Blois on Aug 8, 2013 9:59:00 AM
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California's legislation seeks to buck the trend of recent state defections from the digital Common Core assessments as it pushes for legislation to bolster digital assessment preparations and budgets, per a recent article from EdSource.

smarter balanced californiaThe article mentions the pro-Common Core assessment legislation may be passed in the California congress as soon as the end of this month and would include a $1.25 billion allotment geared to help schools prepare for the Smarter Balanced digital assessments

The Smarter Balanced member states (which include California) have stayed strong in their efforts to begin testing using the platform, beginning in Spring 2015. This commitment comes as an opposite reaction to what we've seen surrounding the PARCC-adopting states (PARCC is the other designated Common Core digital assessment consortium), who have dropped from an original 26 states to the current number of 19. 

California Believes Outcome is Worth the Large Investment

According to the piece, California believes the large investment in preparing for the Smarter Balanced tests will reap much larger returns in student progress and mastery. “We have always said that assessments should model high-quality teaching and learning that will take place under Common Core. To do so, you need different kinds of test items, other than multiple choice, that will be more expensive,” said California Deputy State Superintendent Deb Sigman.

Check out EdSource's full article at the link below to learn more about California's reaffirmation to the digital Common Core assessments and to read what detractors of this new push have to say.

California committed to move forward with Common Core tests as planned - EdSource

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