Dutch Schools Make News with iPad-only Instruction Methods

Posted by Zack Blois on Aug 23, 2013 3:58:00 PM
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Seven schools in the Netherlands are making big news in the education world this week as they begin the year adopting a very radical education environment using iPads and adaptive learning technology as the driver of their online schools.

iPad-only Schools Flip the Traditional Brick-and-mortar Setting Upside Down

These schools give their students constant one-to-one access to online learning materials in efforts to help each child more effectively meet the state-required 58 core learning objectives.

These seven schools (to be followed by up to five more by the end of the year) utilize a number of non-traditional methods to leverage their education technology:

  • The learning environment is always open and available. This includes anytime access to an on-school-grounds classroom and full access to the learning materials outside of the classroom (both via online use on the iPads).
  • The new schools also eliminated the construct of individual grades. Instead, the students are lumped into two groups, ages 4-7 and ages 8-12
  • The teachers "support" learning by assisting student usage and development of critical thinking skills (collaboration, analysis, etc.).
  • The online activities support single student activities and group-based collaborative activities. This creates an "accordion effect", moving from whole class instruction to individual student learning (and back through the spectrum, as defined by the educator and adaptive technology).
Want to learn more? Watch this video below (from Steve Jobs Schools) to see these new Dutch online learning schools in action.

Additional Source: In The Netherlands, Schools Are Using iPads To Teach The Steve Jobs Way - Cult of Mac

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