New Digital Pamphlet: "Personalized Learning Article Three-pack"

Posted by Zack Blois on Aug 26, 2013 10:42:00 AM
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digital personalized learningAs you most likely know, "Personalized Learning" is a huge buzzword in the education world. But, how do you truly personalize the learning experience to meet the needs of each and every student? As an educator, that can be a very daunting challenge.

However, with recent advances in education technology and digital instruction resources, we are closer than ever to truly offering each student his or her own personalized learnign experience. Our "Personalized Learning Article Three-pack" digital pamphlet brings to light new and innovative methods in which educators can leverage learning technology to help meet student learning needs.

Start personalizing your students' learning with our new digital pamplet 

Our new digital pamphlet provides three informative articles written to help you understand and utilize learning technology to enhance personalized learning in your classroom and school.

The three articles included are:

  • "Know Your Digital Instruction Techniques: Defining the Big Three"
  • "Five Advantages of Cloud-based Instruction Resources"
  • "'Adaptive Learning' and 'Teacher Autonomy' are not Mutually Exclusive"
You can download our new digital pamphlet today by clicking the link below!

Download our "Personalized Learning Article Three-pack" digital pamphlet!

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