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Posted by Zack Blois on Sep 9, 2013 11:06:00 AM
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Maximizing engagement and progress in a blended learning environment requires educators to take a step outside the old "brick-and-mortar classroom" box. But, students aren't the only ones who can use these new EdTech resources to constantly learn.

Social tools like Twitter and Pinterest open avenues for educators to share great ideas and strategies to enhance the blended classroom. With this great EdTech advantage in mind, we've compiled a list of our twelve favorite Twitter accounts that showcase a variety of leading voices, tips, and best practices in the blended learning field.

1) Steven W. Anderson - @web20classroom

This guy is the co-creator of the #edchat community chat. That, in and of itself, is pretty amazing. But the fun doesn't stop there. In addition to Steven's awesome blended learning Twitter posts, he also runs a fantastic blog, "The Web 2.0 Connected Classroom". 

2) Edutopia - @edutopia

Not a day goes by where I don't take a look at the George Lucas Educational Foundation's Edutopia website. The contributors to Edutopia provide constant useful and easy-to-understand blended learning information. The Twitter account does not dissappoint either. P.S.: do yourself a favor and check out the Edutopia Pinterest board. You'll be glad you did.

3) Tom Vander Ark - @tvanderark

Tom is the CEO of Getting Smart. His Twitter account serves as a sharing station for the numerous blended learnig books, articles and white papers he encounters (and has written). For more on Tom's literary pieces, check out his Getting Smart bio

4) Digital Learning Now! - @DigLearningNow

Digital Learning Now! is an awesome resources for anyone looking to learn more about blended learning. Their Smart Series white papers and Digital Learning Report Cards are two of the most effective Digital Learning resources out there, and the newest additions are always posted on their Twitter account. The team also denotes their tweets via the hashtag: #DigLn.  

5) Steve Wheeler - @timbuckteeth

You may be chuckling at his Twitter handle, but Steve Wheeler is 'no joke' when it comes to sharing his immense levels of blended learning knowledge. Hailing from Plymouth, UK, Steve uses his interests of research and Web 2.0 advances to build his unique library of #EdTech tweets.

6) Edudemic - @Edudemic

62,000+ followers don't lie, Edudemic tweets some of the best education links, articles, and tips you can find on the web. Edudemic's Twitter account culls these great blended learning resources, articles and blog posts from their website and sends it straight to your feed. 

How Teachers Can Stop Being Scared Of Twitter... http://t.co/8DucT7CacT

7) Richard Byrne - @rmbyrne

Richard runs a fantastic blog called "Free Technology for Teachers", so it's no surprise that his Twitter account is a valuable resource for any educator. He understands the problems facing educators because he's an educator in the trenches too. Be sure to follow this Maine educator's consistently valuable blended learning tweets.

8) MindShift - @MindShiftKQED 

Curated by Tina Barseghian of KQED's MindShift blog, this account tweets out MindShift's efforts and articles as the blog "explores the future of learning in all its dimensions, covering cultural and technology trends, innovations in education, groundbreaking research, education policy, and more." It's a can't miss.

9) Eric Sheninger - @NMHS_Principal

Eric is a highly-decorated high school administrator who, according to his website, is "passionate about establishing and fostering learning environments that are student-centered, collaborative, flexible, and prepare all learners to succeed in the 21st Century." If that doesn't get you fired up about blended learning, then you might be a lost cause! All kidding aside, be sure to check out his Twitter account for great blended learning resources and insights.

10) Kyle Pace - @kylepace

Last but not least, this influential instructional technology specialist from Kansas City, MO rounds out our list. Kyle's Twitter account does a fantastic job of connecting the technical side of EdTech to the needs of everyday students. Kyle also shares quite a few links from his fellow EdTech collegues, so often times he tweets the "best of both worlds".

You can be a blended learning Twitter voice too!

Our list is definitely not the end-all-be-all when it comes to influential blended learning Twitter accounts. The great thing about Twitter is that everyone has a voice, and anyone can make a difference.

With that in mind, we encourage all of you to share your favorite blended learning articles, tips, and blog posts with us via our own Twitter account, @Wowzers. Can't wait to connect!

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