New Blended Learning Implementation Guide Released Today

Posted by Zack Blois on Sep 25, 2013 12:30:00 PM
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blended learning implementation guideThe folks at Digital Learning Now! are known for offering great blended learning resources, and they did not disappoint with their latest interactive paper, "Blended Learning Implementation Guide Version 2.0".

Following up on the original implementation guide, released in 2012, Digital Learning Now! brought together the the team of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, Getting Smart, and The Learning Accelerator to create a fantastic set of tools for schools seeking methods to "create conditions for success, plan, implement, and improve" their blended learning models.

Using feedback given by readers following the release of the first guide, the team set out to provide a more robust picture of blended learning implementation, including info on:

  • defining goals of the school and students
  • building a timeline and strategy for implementation
  • creating or enhancing tech infrastructure and support
  • building avenues and strategies for "continuous improvement"

You can read the new Blended Learning Implementation Guide today for free by clicking here!

More free blended learning resources from the Wowzers Team!

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