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Posted by Zack Blois on Feb 3, 2014 12:45:00 PM
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10_Key_PARCC_Testing_Terms_imageHappy Post-Super Bowl Monday to everyone! Today, I wanted to share with you a link to a free download of our latest Assessment Prep ebook, "Preparing for PARCC: 10 Key Online Testing Terms".

This free eBook details ten must-know online testing terms that your students will encounter on the upcoming Spring 2014 PARCC Field Test and the official PARCC Math Assessments for 2014-2015.

"Preparing for PARCC: 10 Key Online Testing Terms"

Now when we say "online testing terms", I'm not referring to action words like "solve", "add", or "stop here". Those terms are relatively prevalent in today's pencil-and-paper testing formats. What we mean by "online testing terms" is interactive actions like "drag", "click", and "enter", i.e. terms that you would only find on an online/digital assessment.

Via a thorough review of the available PARCC sample items and testing resources, our Wowzers Math team identified ten online testing terms that we feel students must understand (and practice) to succeed on your state's PARCC Online Math Assessments.

The eBook contains detailed explanations of each important online testing term, including:

  • vibrant images of each term and how it is used within online assessments
  • written descriptions of what the term is asking of the student
  • additional online assessment tidbits and tips

Want to download your free copy of "Preparing for PARCC: 10 Key Online Testing Terms"? Just click the link below!

Click here to download the Wowzers PARCC Online Testing Terms eBook

How are your school's PARCC preparations coming along?

Is your school ready for the PARCC online math assessments? We'd love to hear your questions, comments, and opinions regarding the online testing terms detailed in this eBook and your PARCC math assessment preparation measures.

Feel free to reach out to us via via our Facebook page, tweet us at @Wowzers, or email me at!

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