Wowzers -Wowzers Embeds the Five Standards of Math Proficiency into the Wowzers Online Math Program

Posted by Reed Howard on Sep 25, 2016 8:00:00 PM

Wowzers Embeds the Five Standards of Math Proficiency into the Wowzers Online Math Program



The Wowzers program uniquely and effectively winds the Five Strands of Math Proficiency into our engaging online and offline program.  These five strands outline steps for cultivating mathematical aptitude in our students, and function as a model for teaching math. These strands are widely adopted across the United States within our core-driven educational plan.

1. Productive Disposition is the ability for students to see and understand that math has a purpose and is worthwhile. In Wowzers, the online story-driven instruction includes examples of characters in many different careers. This component demonstrates that there is a purpose for learning the math skills to solve problems. The offline portion of Wowzers includes problem-solving “Performance Tasks” that allow students to make further sense of the content through reasoning, discussion, and collaboration.

2. Procedural Fluency addresses the need for students to acquire basic skills and develop fluency with those skills. Throughout the Wowzers program, skills are taught and students develop fluency through the adaptive lessons, practices, games, quests, and assessments. Each activity measures and reports the students’ progress towards mastery of individual standards and skills.
3. Conceptual Understanding not only addresses the comprehension of math concepts and operations, it also supports students’ ability to build on that knowledge and understand new concepts. The adaptive practices in the Wowzers program require the students to solve mathematical problems by demonstrating their knowledge of new ideas, operations, and tools. The student learns to apply his/her conceptual knowledge and justify the solution. The offline Performance Tasks then give students the opportunity to expand upon their solutions and make sense of the content through reasoning, discussion, and collaboration. 
4. Strategic Competence is the capability for students to figure out what the problem actually is and then use math to solve for the solution. Each lesson in Wowzers uses prior knowledge and scaffolding for students to understand new material. Students routinely practice using core mathematical knowledge in order to solve problems, increasing their repertoire in the process. Wowzers builds strategic competence through application, story problems, extended response questions, and offline Performance Tasks.
5. Adaptive Reasoning encompasses the need for students to use thinking and reasoning skills to justify a solution to a problem. The interactive instruction in each Wowzers lesson demonstrates how adaptive reasoning can be used to solve problems and teaches students how to use these skills. Students showcase their thinking and reasoning skills through extended response questions that are included in every concept. Additionally, students use reasoning and thinking skills through discussion and collaboration in Wowzers’ offline Performance Tasks.




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Wowzers is a comprehensive online math program covering all Common Core State Standards for grades K-8. The research-based program adapts to each learner and allows for an individualized path through the curriculum. Content is presented in multiple ways, and appeals to tactile, auditory, and visual learners. Assessments mirror those found on high-stakes achievement tests and provide teachers and administrators with the information that they need to personalize learning for each student.

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