Wowzers is aligned with NWEA, The Northwest Evaluation Association’s Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)

Posted by Reed Howard on Oct 9, 2016 8:00:00 PM


What is NWEA and MAP?

The Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) provides computerized assessments to identify what students have learned. One such interim assessment is the Measures of Academic Process (MAP), which helps inform instruction and curriculum. By matching each question with an RIT score, the assessment narrows in on what each student has learned and helps measure growth. The assessment is adaptive and students can move between grade levels of content. Student knowledge can also be mapped against state standards or Common Core State Standards.

How can MAP scores be used in conjunction with Wowzers?

The data from MAP can easily be used in conjunction with Wowzers. Much like MAP, Screen_Shot_2016-10-04_at_5.21.44_PM.pngWowzers is adaptive and the curriculum can be customized for each student. By using the data from MAP, instructors can identify what concepts a student still needs to focus on, then use that information to set a customized learning path through Wowzers.

As students progress through the Wowzers curriculum, the technology automatically Screen_Shot_2016-10-04_at_5.21.51_PM.pngtracks their progress and provides daily and weekly updates on their progress towards mastery of the content. Like MAP, data can be mapped to state standards or Common Core State Standards. And like MAP, the data is immediately accessible in real-time, so there is no need for teachers to spend time grading students’ work. Wowzers automatically adjusts the difficulty of the curriculum and creates easy-to-read reports.

MAP also uses the same type of assessment questions as Wowzers. By familiarizing students with the type of questions found on MAP, it allows MAP to more accurately report student knowledge and progress. Students spend less time analyzing how to answer questions, and more time and attention on the math in question.

MAP example:

Screen_Shot_2016-10-04_at_5.21.59_PM.pngWowzers example:


MAP example:


Wowzers example:


MAP example:


Wowzers example:


MAP example:


Wowzers example:


MAP example:


Wowzers example:


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Wowzers is a comprehensive online math program covering all Common Core State Standards for grades K-8. The research-based program adapts to each learner and allows for an individualized path through the curriculum. Content is presented in multiple ways, and appeals to tactile, auditory, and visual learners. Assessments mirror those found on high-stakes achievement tests and provide teachers and administrators with the information that they need to personalize learning for each student.

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