How to Know the Difference Between Differentiated Instruction and Personalized Learning

differentiation_personalization_imageThe modern education landscape is filled with instruction methodology buzzwords (individualized, differentiated, personalized, etc.). Each seeks to explain how to best develop instruction that is engaging and adapted for individual differences.

Though these terms may often be used interchangeably, they truly refer to different concepts within the classroom.

Today, we wanted to take a quick look at two of the most often confused concepts: “personalized learning” and “differentiated instruction“. Read below the break to learn about the distinction between the two and what the relationship between the two terms means for your classroom and curriculum. Continue reading “How to Know the Difference Between Differentiated Instruction and Personalized Learning”

The Importance of Teaching Digital Literacy to Students

What comes to mind when you hear the word ““literacy””? If I had to guess, your answer is probably “reading and writing”, and I wouldn’t blame you. Literacy is a storied staple of American schooling, beginning with D’’nealian Handwriting practice, running through the book report era of middle school, and continuing to the glorious five-paragraph essay experiences of high school.

digital literacyThose three examples have a common bond: they somehow involve words on paper or some other physical media. But the prevalence of computers, smartphones, and pretty much every other recent technological advance has expanded the definition of “literacy”.

Nowadays, educators must also be cognizant of promoting digital literacy, putting the proper utilization of digital tools and technology right on par with reading and writing. Continue reading “The Importance of Teaching Digital Literacy to Students”